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“When speaking with a Life-Long Cannabis user, I was told the story of a childhood where tea brewed on the stove. The pot’s contents was green , filled with leaves and Cannabis flowers floating atop. It was custom that the maids, cooks, gardeners, grumpy elders, and wrestling children would sip throughout the day from this brewing pot. The sensorium of this presented childhood was one of peace, one of mellow pace, one that encouraged progress through patience, kindness and the power of mother earth. There was no aggression, there was no pain, and all seemed to be peaceful within itself, as one. This lifestyle is “illegal” in Canada.” – Lucy Vera


Several research studies from the University of California have found that oxytocin is able to produce pure euphoria via the “love hormone”; promoting the brain’s cannabinoid neurotransmitters, increasing the formation of anandamide.4 The effects of anandamide are mediated primarily by the cannabinoid receptors in our central nervous system. These cannabinoid receptors are what makes us sensitive to the THC found in cannabis.

Oxytocin is chemically known as C43H66N12O12S2and is secreted by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland in our brain. Known commonly as the “love hormone”, it plays a role in social bonding, sexual reproduction in both men and women, and is released in great amounts by mothers during and after childbirth.1

Physically, Oxytocin is thought to modulate inflammation by decreasing certain cytokines (small proteins) which can increase due to injury, autoimmune disorders, malignancy etc..2 This means that in turn, Oxytocin in cahoots with positive social interactions, has the potential to improve wound healing and proper regeneration.

Mentally, Oxytocin has been studied to modulate cortisol levels and hormones released by the adrenal gland during high levels of stress. This suggests Oxytocin may be important for the inhibition of the brain regions associated with behavioural control, fear and anxiety…… thus allowing things such as orgasms to occur!  Research has also demonstrated that Oxytocin can protect against stress, particularly in combination with social support.3 This is highly valuable to those struggling with phobias, acute stress disorder, PTSD, etc. 

That’s right, concentration and bliss together leads to great things.

From these ongoing studies, one can conclude that the ingestion of Cannabis blocks the deterioration of anandamide and increases one’s neural Oxytocin levels. This reaction would benefit greatly to those struggling severe forms of social anxiety such as Autism, and can lead to an increase in self-esteem, self-control, empathy, altruism, and overall awareness of life and beauty.

So everyone, pharmacologically speaking, Viagra, SSRIs (Celexa, Lexapro, Prozac, Zoloft, etc.) NO LONGER need to be in your medicine cabinet, nor MDMA in your recreational pocket.

Instead, have some weed butter and cuddle with a buddy. Better yet, get full PETAL POWER by creating your own healing garden and growing your own medicinal plants.





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