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We’ve come across an article on Project CBD’s website which may help further our patient’s understanding of CBD

Do not forget that WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN all has an influence on your body’s reaction and absorption of THC & CBD:


“Lester Bornheim, a research pharmacologist at the University of California in San Francisco, was among the first scientists to study the metabolism of CBD. ….. a team of Canadian scientists identified certain compounds in grapefruit that inhibit the expression of some cytochrome P450 enzymes—which is why physicians often warn patients not to eat grapefruit before taking their meds. CBD, it turns out, is a more potent inhibitor of cytochrome P450 enzymes than the grapefruit compound Bergapten (the strongest of several grapefruit components that inhibit CYPs)”


Reduce Grapefruit intake to Increase CBD Metabolism and Efficiency and remember that our bodies are a whole. Anything we ingest interacts with pros and cons. If you are taking any prescriptions that require you not to ingest Calcium or Dairy products within 1-2 hours of your medication, then we suggest apply the same dosage schedule/precautions with your Cannabis intake.