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Welcome to the SoCo Medical marijuana research & development branch. Our mission is to provide insight, foresight, and studies on the production and consumption of medical marijuana.

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The Aromatherapy of Cannabis

The most common class of chemical compounds found in essential oils, used for aromatherapy in such places as spas, are called terpenes (pronounced TUR-peen). Terpenes are the main component of any plant resin/oils and play many important roles in the plant kingdom-...

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Diary of a Pain Killer: Bonjour Mes Amis

According to a number of news sources this morning,  “Ontario plans to treat patients addicted to opioids with a safer but more expensive pharmaceutical therapy and to open pain clinics to improve access to medical care.”1   I am horrified.    I have worked...

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Antibiotic of The Future

As the cold and flu season approaches, we contemplate “keeping germs to ourselves”. Did you know that Cannabis has antiseptic properties? Did you know that Cannabis may be the antibiotic of the future?   Scientists from Italy and the United Kingdom, who began...

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Medical Marijuana for Dogs & Cats

Veterinarians aren’t empowered to prescribe cannabis to pets, just like Medical Doctors aren’t empowered to prescribe cannabis to human – but that doesn’t mean it lacks useful medicinal value. Big Pharma and the Pet industry (North America’s two largest money...

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Grapefruit & Ganja

We’ve come across an article on Project CBD’s website which may help further our patient’s understanding of CBD Do not forget that WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN all has an influence on your body’s reaction and absorption of THC & CBD:  ...

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Cannabis Grow Guide

The Cannabis Grow Guide is a compendium of methods for the growth of medical marijuana. Its primary audience is for consumers paying large sums of money for medical cannabis. The Grow Guide is a superior information database of how to grow cannabis (growing pot,...

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